Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lake Auburn Half Marathon

So, before I can even get into any type of race report here, let's just discuss how AWESOME it is that this race directly benefits my students. The Lake Auburn Half Marathon raised money for our "Backpack Program" that provides kiddos with food over the weekends and vacations when school meals are not available. Last year, I had four kiddos participate in this program, and I anticipate just as many participating this year. So, THANK YOU LAKE AUBURN HALF MARATHON!

Now, onto the race report. The course is a fairly challenging course - hilly, a mix of road and dirt trail and a super crowned road from miles 5-7. It is the perfect race for testing your fitness right before an October marathon. The weather this year was perfect - low 60s with a refreshing rain from miles 2-6ish. Ya know what else was perfect - the trackie love.

The race plan was to run miles 1-7 at lactate (168) then miles 7-11 three-four beats above lactate (being careful on the steady climb from miles 9-10.5ish), then giving it my all from 11 to the end. That didn't happen. But at least it didn't happen for a good reason! My heart has **finally** beat out my legs (in good running weather conditions where I am not dying of dehydration). My legs couldn't move my body fast enough to get above lactate and stay there. In races prior, all it took was one mile above lactate, or one hill that pushed me above lactate, and that was it - I never dropped below. Fingers are crossed that I am beyond that. I hope my legs have enjoyed the last few months of training, because after Hartford, they are not going to now what hit them. I can't avoid strength training anymore, it is my obvious next step.

Split Elevation Gain Elevation Loss Avg Pace Avg HR
1 56 53 7:23 169
2 77 42 7:24 169
3 20 60 7:21 168
4 29 19 7:31 167
5 25 40 7:21 165
6 33 31 7:17 172
7 33 59 7:23 166
8 6 0 7:20 170
9 22 23 7:20 164
10 101 30 7:50 169
11 26 15 7:36 169
12 0 95 7:22 161
13 84 57 7:23 174
14 0 0 7:03 181
 Summary 512 525 7:25 168

My overall finish time was 1:38:12, good enough for 7th female overall and 1st in my age group. I was really pleased with not only my time, but also how I felt during this race. I felt strong at the end and was able to kick it in the last quarter of a mile (my garmin said 13.25 miles overall). I tried out a new nutrition/hydration plan during this race and I think it also may have made a difference. Typically, I only use 2 gus on a half (one before and one half way)...this time I used 4 (one before, mile 4, mile  8 and mile 10.5). I also made sure to drink at every mile marker, as this is the plan I hope to use for hydration at Hartford (in 33 days!).

Finishing it up.. 

First place in my age group.
A bag of yummy apples and a new chocolate milk mug.

Race Bling...need to learn how to make apple pie or apple crisp now!