Saturday, March 1, 2014

So Long COLD February...Hello...Even Colder March?

Ahhh March 1st! That means the days will be getting longer for running and the weather will be getting warmer and we can finally run outside without 10 pounds of layers on. Or not. 16 miles today with a 8:30 AM start time...0 degrees. Geesh! C'mon now Polar Vortex from hell!

Anywho...back to February...

Miles Run: 198! Holy crap...and February is a damn short month too! This puts me at 392 total for the year. I feel like I am getting into the swing of things with this plan. My body and lungs are cooperating. Today's 16 miler was done at an 8:15 pace and my heart rate averaged 15 beats below lactate! (The slow end of training pace). Many times during this run today I thought to myself - "ahhh remember those good ole days when long run pace was 9:15 - 9:30." I don't miss that. Those were the days when I struggled to even finish the runs.

Cross Training: Approximately 10-11 hours of ancillary work. This is the most consistent I've been with this type of work ever...and I know it is paying off big time. And I've surprised myself by discovering that I actually kind of like it! Next week, my routines change up a bit and get a bit longer (and a bit more challenging). I'm looking forward to the change...and hoping to continue reaping the benefits.

Races: Mid Winter Classic 10 Miler An awesome 3 minute PR and a pace I never thought I could comfortably hold for 10 miles. I felt SO strong and awesome during this race and was immediately lulled into a wonderful false sense of security about my strength...until I woke up the next morning at 5AM for a 6 mile recovery run. HOLY OUCH! The first mile of that run was comical. Probably around 10:30 m/mile or so. Luckily the pain went away by the end. I had been considering doing a half prior to marathon day to get a read on a possible marathon time. Hanson's discourages racing while training. Now I know why. I'm good till marathon day, thank you!

High Point of the Month: PR-ing the Mid Winter Classic was pretty awesome. Dropping a pant size (while remaining exactly the same on the scale) was also pretty dang awesome. Finally seeing some muscle gain now. Also awesome - just freaking getting it done day after day. Somehow, I've made it 1/2 way through this crazy ass plan!

Hello MWC 10 miler PR! 

Low Point of the Month:  The flipping weather. When it's not 0 degrees out...there is a foot of snow falling. My body is so confused. Run outside and it's 0 with -10 wind chills. Run at the gym and its 85 degrees, 100% humidity and the windows and walls are dripping with moisture (ew, I hate that word, but I'm not kidding, it's gross).

The view from the end of one of my runs this month...

Mission 24 Check In: 3 new recipes this month. Southwestern Mac and Cheese (yet to be perfected, but coming soon), lentil burgers, and, our favorite, quinoa and kale. SO yummy! Kale has been the item of the month for February. We have been adding it to our spaghetti squash and mushrooms dish, soups and chilis. Yum! I also discovered a very strange love of snacking on whole carrots this month. Random, yes. Delicious and satisfying, yes (I just love the crunch factor).


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  2. to your blog but found it doing a search for Hanson's and races and DailyMile. I'm fortunate I did because we are almost exactly in the same place running-wise! :) I am doing Hanson's for the first time myself and I believe I'm a week ahead of you (NJ Marathon on 4/27). Even stranger, our PRs and training paces are almost identical and I'm also on DailyMile(@mgiven is userid). I'll be checking back to follow your progress, but lots of good stuff here already. I'm loving Hanson's by the way and pretty much in line with your findings thus far. Keep up the good work!

    1. Welcome - thanks for finding me! I am glad to hear we are on the same page with Hanson's..that is reassuring! I did the first strength workout's hard to put that many miles in after work, but man, what a great (and challenging) workout!