Monday, July 8, 2013

2013 so far...

It's been a great year of training so far. I have made lots of life changes this past year, and the results have been staggering. Mainly, I started eating clean(er) August 1st, 2012. Almost a year later, I am down from 145lbs to 130lb and have gained a lot of muscle.

I have PR-ed in every distance I've raced this year as well...except for one. The Marathon. I set out on a mission to qualify for Boston and trained my booty off (literally), but 5 days before my qualifying race (Providence Marathon), I came down with the flu. It was a pretty epic disaster in terms of BQ-ing, but at least I finished in a dismal 4:03 -  21 minutes slower than my previous marathon.

But, with the help of my sole sisters and trackie friends, I got back in the saddle again and am back to training, and somehow, feeling stronger than ever. I have two more chances at that marathon PR this year - July 27th at the GCI Ultra 50k and October 12th at the ING Hartford Marathon. Here's to hoping there is no flu going around right before them!

Some highlights from 2013 so far....

March 2013 - Eastern States 20 Miler - 2:42:06
At goal marathon (BQ) pace

This is the picture I am choosing to share from Providence.
Sole sister love.
NOT the picture of me finishing with green snot hanging from my nose...

June 2013 Pine Grove 5k
2nd female overall

June 2013- Y Fit Fest
21:17 PR
1st in age group
Ryan's Trail Run for Suicide Prevention
So far out of my comfort level, but a blast nonetheless!

June 2013 - Rail Trail Half Marathon
2nd female overall
PR - 1:37:22
The confidence boost I needed after Providence

Rail Trail gang! Big thumbs up!
(Thanks Jim for pacing me!)

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  1. You look amazing and have kicked ass at all races this year!