Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Emily's Run 5k Recap

On July 21st, I ran Emily's Run 5k. This is a favorite local race of mine, known for being a pretty hilly 5k. It is also the 2nd race in the Triple Crown 5k series. Unlike the first race in the series (Y Fit Fest) I had no miles to run before and after the race (I ran 12 total on Y Fit fest day) and only ran 8 the day before instead of 12 due to my taper for GCI.

My big goal for this race was to NOT hurt myself. A few aches and pains had popped up in the last week - typical for that time in a marathon training cycle, but nerve racking none-the-less.

The first mile of this race is almost all uphill..and I started out a conservation 7:03ish pace. The second mile starts on a roller, has a nice long downhill, and then ends on another roller - 6:28. Last mile - mostly a gradual up again, then downhill to the EL track and a 200m run on the track to the finish line - 7:03. Hey - at least I'm consistent with the first and last mile. My final time was 21:13, only my 2nd fastest 5k to date (the fastest being the weekend prior at Moxie).  This time was good enough for 1st in my age group and 6th female overall (same exact standings as Y Fit Fest) and, so far, 1st in my age group for the Triple Crown standings. Alice also rocked it getting 1st place in her age group and running only seconds off her PR...which on this course pretty much guarantees you a PR on any other course!

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