Monday, July 15, 2013

Training Beyond The Run

After my spring marathon, I spent a lot of time doing core work. I started by working my way up to completing the 300 Abs Workout. This took about 3 weeks to get to do the whole thing (and I added the plank a day to it as well). I really felt the difference during my hard workouts (long runs and track workouts) and saw the benefits in my racing. I've kept it up, but recently it's felt a bit stale.

Today I found this old gem and gave it a try...

While the video is pretty comical, it was a decent change of pace and, in addition to the plank, a pretty good ab workout. 

My plan is to keep switching up the core work a bit so it doesn't get stale again...and also making a huge commitment to FOAM ROLLING and STRETCHING every  day.  I even took out a work out mat and my foam roller and made a space for them in the living room to remind myself to do it each day (let's see how long they last there before my husband says something..hehe) 

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