Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Nope. Not races. Non-running (but health related!) wins!

I have been seeing a chiropractor since the first week of April for a naughty hip/lower back/IT band. When I first starting seeing her, my legs had a one inch length discrepancy, due to a hiked up hip. ONE INCH! I have never really believed in chiropractic (I had a bad experience with my first one the year before), but I was willing to give anything a shot at that point, and had heard rave reviews from this particular chiropractor.

For the first two months of treatment, I had to be adjusted three times a week. I saw some improvements and eventually was bumped down to two times a week. Summer hit, and I was able to go only once every other week with the addition of trigger point therapy on my hip, glutes and IT band.

Everything was going well, until about 4 days before GCI (of course!). I went out for a run, and immediately knew my hips were completely off again. I went in for an appt., and of course, the leg discrepancy was back again and my knees were so tight my feet wouldn't touch the bed when lying down on my stomach.

I knew I needed to add hip strengthening to my routine. The trigger point and adjustments were greatly helping, but it was not enough. So here I am, on week four of my new hip routine AND consistent foam rolling routine. It has been two weeks with hardly any issues, and when I went for my appointment today, my legs were even and my feet touched the bed! YAHOO! We are trying for 3 weeks now until the next appointment! FINGERS CROSSED!

So that's win number one.

Here's win number two.

The hubby and I were itching for some new dinners. We had visited the Nezinscot Farm Store this past weekend and decided to dig out our panini maker to have paninis one night this week. I let Nate pick out the bread - he choose 7 grain (big risk there for Mr. I only eat white bread). On our weekly Saturday night grocery date, I told him to pick out what he wanted in his panini. We ended up with mushrooms, spinach (yes, you read that right..the boy ate spinach), tomatoes, avocado and mozzarella cheese. And let me tell you, they were DELICIOUS! They are definitely going into the dinner rotation. (will post a picture next time we make em!). And we used all the leftover veggies for vegetable quesadillas on another night. Why is this such a big win? My husband could sustain on pasta, pepperoni pizza, brown sugar pop tarts (which he gave up three weeks ago and hasn't had since) and diet coke. He is exploring vegetables and liking it, which is making my job of cooking dinners that suit us both much easier! Can't wait for more experimenting in the kitchen!

On Sunday, I will be representing Team Sasseville Chiropractic at the L/A Bridge Run 5k! They have saved my running life this year! 

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  1. I wish Ward would eat that many veggies! I have stopped really caring what he eats at this point. Sad, I know. But I am not making 3 different meals!